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Install. Talk. Date.

We at will help you get your first date, in a slightly different way than others. We’ll make sure you hang out with your friends and meet your next partner (love), in your natural place. We’re not like any other app out there in the market. We’ll encourage you to go out there and have fun, instead of staying at home.

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Online dating sites and services are gaining more and more popularity; therefore, the demand is also growing along with its benefits. You have a limitless choice of online dating sites and services, which might give you a ‘head spin’ just looking for the best online dating site/service.

Here is a guaranteed 100% free information on the best-rated online dating app sites and services.

PC magazine editors have reviewed and rated 4 online dating app services and recommended that ‘you-try-before-you-buy’. This includes (high rating) featuring three areas of interest that you can choose from and you can even have a separate profile for each. High ratings are also given to and while Yahoo Personals got the lowest rating.

The article ‘top 5 online dating app sites’ described five dating app sites which includes (claimed that 250,000 members/year are able to find a relationship), (personality profile is extensive), Yahoo Personals, (has a thorough criminal-background check and marital checks for people concerned about security), and America’s Online dating app.

Many site reviews and ratings are found at the General Reviews of July 2005. The only site to receive a perfect score is;, dating and Nerve Personals got the second rating.

The website Online dating app Reviews offers user-reviews which includes online dating app. got the highest rating and came second, followed by American and

The article ‘Great body, but does he have testimony?’ discussed that is associated with looks for people’s differences but who shares the same faith. has many reviews of (got the middle-score), (got the lowest rating) and Yahoo Personals (has the highest rating). The complaints however were all about their communication process.

Several dating app sites which include Book of, Plenty of, Friend, Connecting and dating app are featured by Jeff Cohen in the ‘top five free online dating app sites’. He provided overviews of the different sites, their unique features and search capabilities.

Online dating app service reviews provides a detailed review of six sites, their pros and cons, the best and annoying features. has the highest rating followed by sites can find compatible matches but you can’t communicate with the other person unless that person is also a paid member.

dating app site reviews’ rated highly (the only complaint is about the price), American (very easy to understand and use), My Country (country values is emphasized and is dedicated to down to earth singles) and Silver (for seniors).

The article ‘How to choose online dating app sites’ has a list of seven tips in choosing a dating app service online. The tips included: deciding on the budget-amount, asking family and friends for the best sites, taking advantage of free trials, etc.

Premier covers a lot of online dating app services. Sites are rated in certain areas like ease of use, site speed, personal ad, quality of picture, site features and member size. Available features are also provided in chart listings. The best-rated site is dating;, American and also got high ratings.

Consumers rated nine dating app sites in the ‘top rated dating app sites’. The top pick of the customers is the followed by; 108 reviews, and got 376 reviews. Complaints on were all about the quality of people.

The article ‘dating app love on the web’ is a great resource for people new in the online dating app world. The sites included are, Yahoo Personals, and People are also taught on how to make good personal ads.

The website Editors of dating app Reviews offers numerous ratings of online dating app sites. The top three picks are Friend, and These sites were rated on listing quality, number of listing, communication and site navigation. These sites are recommended for their sense of community and ease of use.

‘A dud in cupid’s online quiver?’ features; this site is designed for people to meet new friends for online dating app. Members are to create an online profile and invite their friends to join. The service is free of charge.

‘Wooing Cheaters’ is a review of a for- adulterer’s website looking for online dates. This site is visited mostly by married people who want to ‘cheat’ or is just planning to…

These ratings are all results of different reviews. This will serve only as a guide for people who are into online dating app. It is still best if you look into these sites yourself.


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