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3 Popular Android Dating Apps

Dating apps are arguably a little bit of an necessary evil, especially for you folks who sometimes struggle to fit that special someone in your life IRL. Like many things in life, it’s not one-size-suits-all. And while many dating apps may be old hat, there’s certainly more fresh food in the sea, when it comes to dating apps. So what is it about dating app apps that make them so great? In this article we’ll go over some of the popular features that are making the dating app world of today so very exciting.

Grindr and Coffee dates are two of the most popular online dating app apps, providing a unique online dating app experience for their users. Grindr is a mobile version of the classic dating app app, where you can locate matches (both within your area and all over the world), and then either email or call them to arrange a dating app. With its easy, “do-it-yourself” approach, Grindr has revolutionized the way that people find love, and it’s quickly become one of the most popular dating app apps.

Coffee dates are similar to Grindr in that they allow you to locate matches (both within your immediate area and all over the world), but they also give you the ability to share detailed profiles of yourself. Unlike other dating app apps, however, Coffee dates require that you register with your real name, and there is generally a fee for this service. This fee makes it a great choice for many singles, as it takes the personal information about you out of the hands of others, ensuring that your details remain secure and private. However, there is a fee, and it is recommended that you shop around to find the best deal.

Just as the name suggests, Bumble has really taken the coffee meet up concept and made it mobile. Bumble is very similar to Coffee dates in that you are able to locate matches (both within your immediate area and all over the world), and you are able to share detailed profiles about yourself. Like Coffee dates, there is a subscription fee required, although this cost is minimal compared to some of the other dating app apps available. Because you need to pay to use Bumble, you will likely find that it is more difficult to locate matches using this dating app app. In addition, once you have signed up, you receive special offers and information from the site.

One of the first dating app apps to be designed specifically for the iPhone, and one of the most popular on the Android device, MeetUp allows you to organize groups of people from anywhere in the world. All you need to do is install the free app, and invite your friends to join. Once they’ve joined, all they have to do is go to your group’s main page, choose a username and create a profile. Like many of the other dating app apps, MeetUp makes it easy to sort the list of participants by location, connection type, and topic of conversation (i.e. whether or not you want to arrange a private meet).

The official Facebook version of Grindr is not without flaws. While the free version provides a lot of useful features (such as dating app a local hotel or restaurant, sending and receiving text messages, searching for local events in your area), the paid version offers even more options. You can now arrange groups with fellow Grindr users, set up groups with fellow Grindr users based on interests, send and receive Grindr messages, comment on other users’ profiles, and so much more. Although you can still use the free Grindr app to find and chat with other singles, the upgrade offers make Grindr an excellent choice for social dating app. Even if you haven’t considered dating app on Grindr before, it is worth giving the free version a try – you never know, you may fall in love.

The third most popular dating app app has to be Bluefruit. This dating app app is available only for iOS at the moment, but it’s quickly gaining popularity and getting great reviews. You can browse through thousands of profiles and view the contact information of anyone you’d like, even if they’ve never swiped their account on Facebook or MySpace. If you don’t have an iPhone, though, Bluefruit doesn’t work for you. It does, however, allow you to view profiles on other mobile devices so you can see what the other person is looking for, just as if you were able to view profiles using eHarmony or someone else’s dating app app.

The last two dating app apps I’ll discuss are both from Google: OneTime and Swipe Right. Although it doesn’t look like many people are using this android version of the dating app app (it was launched about six months ago), it still has a lot to offer. Users can browse through matches based on location, language, interests, and so much more. Swipe Right allows users to search for matches in Google and within their Google+ circles, while OneTime makes matches automatically based on your email address.


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