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© DPA Dating app Bumble is to start offering users trauma support for sexual assault.

dating-app: Fabian Sommer/dpa Dating app Bumble is …

Fabian Sommer/dpa Dating app Bumble is to start offering users trauma support for sexual assault. The app, which gives women the power to choose who they want to talk to, is partnering with Bloom, an online service run by Britain-based Chayn. When a survivor reports sexual assault or relationship abuse to Bumble’s feedback team, they will be provided with a code to access up to six therapy sessions as well as one-to-one chat support.

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The service is due to begin later this year, with plans to expand to Bumble’s sister dating app, Badoo, in 2022.

dating-app: “The trauma caused by sexual violence …

“The trauma caused by sexual violence can devastate survivors, but with the right support, survivors can heal and reclaim their lives,” says Hera Hussain, founder of Chayn, a non-profit run by survivors. “Feedback from Bloom participants has been phenomenal. Survivors told us that it allowed them to access support for the first time, made them understand their trauma better and feel less alone, and gave them the tools and space they needed to support their healing.” Rachel Haas, vice president of member safety at Bumble, says: “Safety has been central to Bumble’s mission from day one. We have always been guided by clear principles: empowering women and using Bumble’s platform and technology to create a safe and equitable environment for our community.” “As someone who has dedicated their life to supporting survivors, I know the enormous impact we can have on a person’s healing by providing them with access to the support they need and deserve,” says Haas. “We’re proud to partner with Bloom to be the first in the industry to pioneer a trauma-informed and expert-led Survivor Resources Programme.”


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