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How To add Romance to Your Life With Feng Shui

Though it is not commonly known, a Feng Shui life can actually help to improve your love life. Romance and love is as much a part of most peoples’ lives as food and air; so it makes sense that not having the proper flow of energy in your life may affect the romance in your life as well.

There are areas of your home that may influence your love life, such as the right rear corner of your house. This is your relationship corner. In addition to this, the bedroom is also a relationship area. If you apply some basic Feng Shui life techniques to these areas of your home, you will be more successful at attracting the right type of love energy into your life.

The very first thing you must do is cut all ties that you are keeping around to past relationships. This may include old letters, gifts or pictures. These things are nothing more than a reminder of a happy time that no longer exists. This alone, can bring sadness and bad energy into your life.

Even if you are single, set up your home as if a couple lives in it. With the Feng Shui life this is a way of attracting the energy that will bring love into your environment. Don’t overcrowd your home with your own stuff, leaving no room for another. This brings on an attitude that you have no room in your life for another person.
In addition, you should remove all things from the relationship areas of your home that may distract you from focusing on romance. This may include work related items, televisions etc. Simply move these objects to other areas of your home.
Remove some of the solitary items in these areas and replace them with matching pairs. This may include objects such as candles, pillows etc. You want to attract the energy for couples, not singles.

Add some pink to the relationship areas of your home. In the Feng Shui life, the color pink holds love energy. Pink roses or anything pink in these areas can help add some romance to your life.

These are just some very basic steps you can follow to add some romance to your life with the concept of the Feng Shui life. Try it; you just may be surprised at how much improvement you see.


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