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Pregnancy Chat Rooms – Where Experience Meets Apprentice

If you are pregnant for the first time, bless you! You are probably tired, sore for no reason, and questioning the usefulness of your husband. You quite possibly are starving all the time, sick when you eat, and betting that God is indeed male and laughing at your pain. If you are with child and looking for answers to life’s little questions about childbearing and life after baby, pregnancy chat rooms are the perfect place to meet other women that are in your shoes and those that hold the answers.

Pregnancy chat rooms are available all over the internet. They are places where women meet to speak candidly about what happens to your body and mind during pregnancy. Some of them may even have men that want to learn more about their wives’ condition…but don’t bet on it! At this point, men tend to be more intent on running from pregnant women than learning from them, but we can all hope!

Common issues that women are faced with during pregnancy are fatigue, hunger, and morning/all day/every second sickness. Often times, these issues are not things your doctor can really answer, as they are not medical in nature. However, women that have experienced being pregnant often know those tips and tricks to help make it through the day and, God willing, the pregnancy.

To find pregnancy chat rooms, you can check with several of the major chat arenas, such as AOL or Yahoo. However, there are many other private chat rooms available in other sites you may not know about. In fact, many motherhood, pregnancy, and parenting websites have chat sections that you would otherwise never be aware of unless you looked. Many of these pregnancy chat rooms can be very useful also.

As with any other chat room, you want to be careful not to talk to any crazies. The possibility always exists that someone could be out there that is a predator. Refrain from giving personal information out to anyone unless you are really comfortable with them and convinced they are sane…or at least not insane enough to be dangerous. If you only talk to completely sane people in pregnancy chat rooms, it may be a pretty quiet conversation, as pregnancy makes everyone a little crazy.

Once you have an opportunity to talk to other women that are going through the same thing you are, you will begin to feel a little better. Even if they can not tell you how to fix it, just knowing someone else out there has swollen feet, too, provides a little bit of comfort.


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