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Questions that you must start asking yourself if you are dating for three months or more

Relationships are meant to be taken tender care of, or else they can go in the wrong direction and turn into a hellhole. When we first meet and get indulged in a relationship through dating apps, we do not think of much. Both of the people staying in the relationship together have flying butterflies in their stomachs and see rainbows wherever they go. 

However, if you have already been three months with someone, you should crosscheck if the relationship is going in the right track or not. We hope our newly growing love relationship with our partner is moving in the right direction and that it will only flourish from here. 

Nevertheless, it sometimes turns out to be fizzling out or going in the wrong direction. Here are some essential questions you need to ask yourself after the first three months of the relationship.

Do you like or respect the way your partner lives?

When you are in a three months relationship, you will not notice the bad habits, unhealthy choices of their lifestyle, annoying behaviors, and values. If you are dating around, at that point all you will notice is misinterpreting carelessness, weird mood swings, and inability to stick to his words to something changeable with time. 

Yeah, sure some of your partner’s bad habits might give you a flash of worry at one point, but you feel those can be swept under the rug, because obviously, he/she is so perfect in many other ways, right! This is a great way to face the things keeping your head-on now, and you will be watching how they respond to honest conversations. 

Do not leave these red flags and wait for them to become relationship-threatening later.

Is there real sexual chemistry?

No, it NOT all about sex. However, if you do not feel enough chemistry now, there are big trouble days ahead. No, you don’t need to be submissive to passionate lovemaking every two-three hours to feel if your chemical bonds are strong. 

It is to make sure that both of you feel a unique sexual attraction that keeps you closely knitted to each other, and you desire each other over anyone else. 

If you feel a lack of physical chemistry after only three months of your relationship, you might not be considering the right one to tie up your life with.

Are you both up to the same future?

Now, this is another important question you should ask yourself if you are seriously considering your life with your three-month-long partner. You don’t have to break into a conversation about marrying each other or having kids together. 

However, try to have a rough idea if you are on the same page trying to make your future eight. Talk to your partner about their views on a long-term relationship or his/her ideas about kids.

These are some of the most critical aspects you should have a clear conception about if you are watching your future in your three-month-old partner. Check them out and save relationships from turning into toxicity. 


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