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The Process of Dating in Modern Times

Dating is a cultural phase of romantic relationships practiced especially in Western societies that involves two individuals meeting socially usually with the intention of each evaluating the other’s compatibility as a potential partner in a lifelong romantic relationship. It is an American version of what we know today as flirting or flirtatious touching of the opposite sex in a mildly playful context. It has its roots in the response of men to pressure to enter into romantic affairs with attractive women. Dating has been viewed as degrading in earlier times, and was considered a shameful activity for men to practice. However, the evolution of Western society that gave rise to the concept of individual freedom has relaxed attitudes towards dating, even among the more progressive sectors of the population.

In the present day, dating can be seen to have become more of a social activity for some. People may not feel the need to date someone purely for romantic purposes but may date someone on different terms such as friendship. This trend is especially seen in the United States where people are free to date people of their own choice, as long as they remain within accepted societal boundaries. Some people may still feel the necessity to date for pleasure but their level of seriousness about doing so may have fallen since other forms of relationship have become more accepted.

The process of dating may take one through five stages. Each stage has certain characteristics which mark the maturity of the relationship. There are five stages that every relationship goes through, starting from casual dating to pre-engagement. However, there are a few key things that a relationship undergoes at each stage, which helps in distinguishing a relationship from another.

The first stage is known as ‘casual dating’. In this stage, one another is seen as just friends. They may share interests, but the focus is not directed towards the partners’ relationship. This is seen as the starting point of a relationship since it does not involve any commitment. However, at this stage, the person with whom one is dating may feel the pressure of dating someone because they are much more likely to make mistakes if they do not choose their partner carefully.

The next stage in the process of dating is what is called ‘pre-engagement’. In this stage, the two people are not seeing each other as romantic partners but as casual friends. In this stage, they are just friends and do not intend to get into serious relationships with each other. However, at this stage, both people are not focusing on developing romantic relationships with each other.

The third stage is known as the commitment stage. In this stage, people may feel an increased level of commitment from their partners. It is because they have decided to take the relationship to a more romantic level and they intend to stay true to each other in the future. They are seeing this potential future together as a potential future in which they grow closer and spend more time together. At this point in the dating process, people may actually begin to develop feelings for each other and may find that they are ready to commit to a long term relationship. This may be surprising to some people but many psychologists and relationship experts believe that this is where the majority of relationships end up.

The final stage in the process of dating is what is called ‘adults only dating’. This is often seen as the last resort for couples who are in fact, already content with their current romantic partner and who feel that they need to keep their options open. In this stage, two people still remain friends with each other and are not considering any serious romantic relationship with anyone else. Some people may question whether this type of dating is even effective and whether or not the people involved are actually happy with the outcome of their dating relationship. This is something that needs to be researched thoroughly.

Overall, the process of dating in modern times has changed quite a bit. Previously, the process would involve the two people making a commitment to one another before they exchanged physical signs of affection. However, since the advent of online dating websites, this process has been revolutionized. Online dating sites have given many people the opportunity to find the person that they are looking for without having to actually interact with anyone in person.


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