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What is educational technology? This question is one asked by many educators today. E-learning has gained popularity over the past few years and is now becoming the preferred choice of many school systems. However, many still wonder what is educational technology and how it differs from traditional technology. The following article intends to provide a clear definition of what is educational technology and how it can help your school system.

what is educational technology

What is educational technology? This question is frequently asked by educators not only because of its obvious answer: it is the integration of technological reality with traditional reality to facilitate learning in the classroom. When referring to it with its shortened abbreviation, EdTech, it’s often times referring to this thriving industry of businesses which produce educational technology for education. These businesses include corporations such as Dell, Microsoft, Apple and Cisco. Educators who seek assistance from these companies can get the assistance they need for their classes when it comes to incorporating these technologies into their curriculum.

How does educational technology differ from that of more traditional teaching methods? E-Learning includes many elements such as videos, games, simulations, instructor led teaching, discussion boards and even online portfolios. Using any or all of these elements will enhance the effectiveness of teaching and will also help to make instruction more fun for students. It’s also been found that students are more engaged in the lessons if they are actually participating in them, rather than just passively taking in information.

So how does teachers use this in the classroom? E-Learning is used by most teachers when they wish to provide a more hands on experience for their students. For instance, an instructor can use e-books for lesson material in an online teaching career, rather than a traditional book. If an educator wishes to teach a high school student a subject like Spanish or Mathematics then they might consider creating an online course on the same subject. This would allow them to give the student real life experience by having them communicate with the teacher via webcams, instant messaging and email.

Many other types of teachers are discovering that the world wide web offers endless opportunities for them to enhance the learning experience for their students. Teachers can choose from a variety of educational technology products to help them enhance the way in which they teach and the skills taught. By doing this they are able to help their students to develop academic skills which can lead to further educational opportunities down the road.

The teachers who decide to pursue a teaching career will find that the best avenue for doing this is to go back to school to get an education degree. These degrees are available at traditional universities, community colleges, vocational schools and even online learning institutes. When you get your education degree you can look forward to a wonderful and exciting career that involves teaching. The best part about teaching is that you have the opportunity to be your own boss and work for yourself. You can work at a variety of different schools and colleges and learn a variety of different subjects.

Instructional technologies are being used in the schools, both on and offline, to help educate people. In the past there were a great deal of disadvantages to the teaching of certain subjects due to lack of technology. With the help of instructional technologies, today there is no longer any excuse for a student to not be able to learn a particular subject. Students now have the opportunity to learn, without being forced to sit in a classroom and do boring lessons. Instead they can learn by using instructional technology, on their own, in their leisure time.

Instructional technologies are used to give teachers a better understanding of their students. It is also a great way to make sure that all of the students in a particular class get a fair chance to take tests and learn the material. The other major use of these educational products is that it helps to raise the standards for educational achievement in the classrooms. Students who are getting an education based on new technologies are showing a greater interest in learning. They have the technological knowledge and are using it to help them perform better in school. There is no doubt that in the future, with more educational technology products being developed and introduced into classrooms, the teaching process will be much more effective for all students.


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